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At Northern Trust we are committed to acquire, develop, and retain an engaged and empowered workforce. Invest your time, talent and commitment, and you are rewarded for your contribution to Northern Trust's success with more than just a competitive salary. We provide support for your health, life and well-being needs, professional development, as well as retirement and other market competitive employee programs.



Health and Wellness benefits_arrow

Northern Trust offers programs and plans to support maintenance of health and well-being. We offer our employees health coverage which depending upon the country of employment could include medical (with prescription coverage), dental, vision and life insurance plans with coverage for individuals and in some locations families. Other benefits include:

  • Being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle is important to you and to Northern Trust. We encourage all partners to make healthy choices so that you can be as productive and satisfied at work and at home as possible. Depending upon the country of employment, Northern Trust provides a variety of resources and services that are designed to assist someone to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as; Fitness/Wellness Discounted Memberships, Disease Management, Lifestyle Coaching, Medical Advisory Services, Medical Bill Negotiation Services and an Employee Assistance Program.
  • Programs/services that provide a range of telephonic and on-line work-life services designed to help individuals maintain their overall health and well-being in areas such as child care, elder care, and legal & financial assistance.


Professional Development,
Training & Education benefits_arrow

Northern Trust is committed to supporting each employee's career goals through educational opportunities. Our goal is to help employees reach their full potential by:

·         Providing assistance and programs to build a strong foundation for ongoing career growth

·         Fostering a work environment that promotes lifelong learning

·         Developing skills and capabilities that align to our strategic goals and drive business results

·         Addressing various needs and learning styles with innovative learning approaches, including interactive classroom training, on-demand e-learning, virtual programs, social learning, and communities of practice


Work/Life and other Benefits benefits_arrow

Services, programs and policies to help effectively manage professional/at work and personal segments of your life. At Northern Trust, the positive work environment is one of the biggest reasons partners stay to build their careers. Our environment includes tangibles, such as attractive, comfortable work settings. It also includes intangibles, such as a highly collaborative culture that instills teamwork and loyalty.

To complement the work culture, we support our employees' efforts to balance work and home life, in part by offering family-friendly programs and alternative/flexible work situations.

Depending upon the country of employment, our benefits include:

  • Child Care/Back-up Care (child/older relative)
  • Adoption Leave
  • Bereavement /Compassionate Time (death of immediate family member)
  • Parental Leave
  • Personal Time
  • Alternative Work Options/Flexible Work Hours (with manager approval)
  • Employee & Family Ill Time
  • Pre-tax Commuter Accounts
  • Retirement Savings Plans - Retirement programs designed to give employees an opportunity to accumulate wealth for their future and are designed to be market competitive. Program design will vary by country.
  • Short/Long Term Disability including Maternity Leave


Vacation and Holiday benefits_arrow

Northern Trust provides holiday and generous vacation days to allow scheduled time away from work, essential for good health & life balance. Business need or local custom also determines holidays celebrated in a specific location or line of business.

The above is a general representation of some of our major benefits, and is not inclusive. Please note offering may vary by location and employment status. Northern Trust reserves the right to amend, modify, suspend or terminate any benefit plan at any time without notice or revision on our Careers site.